Avalanche: SEO/SEM Client Support

Karen Atkinson

The work never stops in the SEO business. Search engine algorithms change, as does the competitive activity. At any given moment, someone else is trying to improve his placement for your search phrase. Search engine optimization can never be a one-time initiative. Sites that fail to keep content current and in-tune with the preferences of the search engine algorithms will fall from the first page of results within months or even weeks.

Karen is responsible for overseeing the ongoing maintenance of our SEO services, and for communicating with our clients on a regular basis. Where we have already met our minimum commitment of achieving first-page placement in at least half of the major search engines for at least half of the contracted search terms, we always continue to strive for higher placement for more phrases. Ensuring that the continual development of new search engine optimization strategies gets applied to existing SEO/SEM client sites is also part of this job.

Karen's primary responsibility is to ensure that customers maintain and improve their first-page placement on the major search engines.

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